Christmas Tree DIY kit

Soldering Instruction guide for our Christmas Tree Ornament

If you don't have one you can purchase one here

If you here because you are an awesome human being who has a tree to solder then look no further then the instructions below.


Step 1. Confirm Kit Contents

You should have:

  • 15x Bi-Directional LEDs

  • 6x 100 Ohm Resistors (Brown-Black-Brown-Gold)

  • 1x Momentary Switch

  • 1x Battery Clip

  • 1x 3V 2032 Coin Cell

  • 1x Christmas Tree PCB with microcontroller soldered and preprogrammed

Step 2. Remove Resistors From Tape

Step 3. Bend Resistor Leads 90 Degrees

Make the bend as close to the body of the resistor as possible.

Step 4. Insert Resistors Into PCB

Step 5. Bend Resistor Leads So They Stay In Place

Step 6. Trim Resistor Leads

Step 7. Solder Resistors

Step 7. Repeat Above Steps With LEDs

These LEDs are bi-directional and very forgiving, but if you'd like to ensure proper orientation of all your LEDs, place the LEDs such that their longer lead goes into the square holes.

Step 8. Repeat Above Steps With Switch

Step 9. Solder Components

Step 10. Solder Battery Clip

Step 11. Insert Battery

When the battery is first inserted, the device will run a test pattern to ensure all LEDs are working properly. When finished, the tree will enter into one of its pre-programmed patterns.


Press the button to interrupt a pattern and turn the device off. When the device is off, you can select a pattern to display by pressing the button repeatedly.

All done!

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