Circuit Python Setup

The following coding lessons will teach you how to program you Pico Slice using Circuit Python.

Before you can begin programming your device, there's couple of things you'll need to do.

  1. Get CircuitPython running on your Pico

  2. Download Mu so you can use its IDE for writing code.

Get Circuit Python on to your Pico

  1. Download the Circuit Python distribution that was made for the Raspberry Pi Pico dev board.

    1. Click on "DOWNLOAD .UF2 NOW"

    2. Plug in your Pico, it will appear as seen below on the left.

    3. Drag and drop the CircuitPython Distribution to copy it to your Pico

    4. It will reboot and now appear as CIRCUITPY in your explorer window.

Be sure to check out the tutorial and how-to sections of the Code With Mu website!

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