Assembly Guide

Essentials are all here, more detail and images will be added soon!

Interactive BOM

Component List

  • 1x Raspberry Pi Pico

  • 1x Pico Slice 1 PCB

  • 6x 300Ω Resistors

  • 1x Red LED

  • 1x Green LED

  • 1x Blue LED

  • 1x RGB Common-Cathode LED

  • 3x 1kΩ Resistors

  • 3x 50Ω Potentiometers

  • 4x Standoffs


1. Pico

Position the Pico and tack in in place by soldering one of the corner pins. Make adjustments and lock it in place by soldering the opposing corner.

Now that it's held in a good position, solder the rest of the pins.

2. Potentiometer Protection Resistors

3. Potentiometers

4. LED Current Limiting Resistors

5. LEDs

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